Czech or Slovak Names

When a document containing Czech or Slovak names without diacritical marks (hooks and accents) is translated into Czech or Slovak, you can show me or give me the correct spelling of these names in harmony with original Czech passport or birth certificate of the...

Original Document or Certified Copy?

The certified translation must be attached to the source document in the original language. The source document should, if possible, be an original document with a handwritten signature and stamp imprint. If you want to keep your original separate, please provide me...

Wanted Terminology

For some specific professional translations, you can offer me texts on similar topics in the target language or previous translations that you have been happy with, if you have such ones. Thereby we will ensure that I will use the correct terminology.


Order your translation or interpreting as soon as possible. Translations are also subject to the well-known rule: “Haste makes waste!”