Would you like to get a certified translation in multiple copies?

If you have to submit the translated document to the officers, but you would like to keep a copy for yourself or you might need it again later, you must provide me with the required number of source documents (originals/certified copies from a notary). Extra copies of a certified translation are issued only at the same time as the first translation itself. Later ordered translations (even though of the same document) count as new translations.

Original Document or Certified Copy?

The certified translation must be attached to the source document in the original language. The source document should, if possible, be an original document with a handwritten signature and stamp imprint. If you want to keep your original separate, please provide me with a copy certified by a notary to be attached to the translation. If you do not have such an original, I can attach a normal print-out of your source document to the translation, but you must check with the accepting authority whether they accept it.

Wanted Terminology

For some specific professional translations, you can offer me texts on similar topics in the target language or previous translations that you have been happy with, if you have such ones. Thereby we will ensure that I will use the correct terminology.


Order your translation or interpreting as soon as possible. Translations are also subject to the well-known rule: “Haste makes waste!”

Preparations for Your Wedding

When ordering interpreting for your wedding ceremony, please provide me with the text of the ceremonial speech or contact to your Registrar. Thanks to that, your wedding will really be a festive event.

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