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Mgr. et Mgr. Viera Boumová

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Foreign language does not only offer different words to us, but a completely different world.
(Jan Vrba)


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Simultaneous (Conference) Interpreting
is often used at international conferences. Interpreters sit in a booth, listening through headphones and simultaneously interpreting into the microphone into the target language so that each participant in their headphones could choose the language they understand.

Consecutive Interpreting
is often used for business meetings or interviews of statesmen or merchants, often at lunch, were the interpreter also attends. Translator usually waits until the speaker expresses some of their thoughts, pause and give the interpreter time to translate.

Escort (Informative) Interpreting
this type of interpreting is used mainly for business trips and meetings. It lies somewhere between classical interpretation and organizational work. Interpreter in such cases sometimes acts as a guide, but does not replace him in any case. He or she accompanies the client during meetings and helps them with orientation in a foreign linguistic and cultural environments (offices, restaurants, exhibitions, booking airline tickets abroad etc.).

Most Common Interpreted Events

Wedding / Business Meeting / Conference
Accompaniment to a Foreign Person / Training / Meeting at the Office

Simultaneous Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

Escort Interpreting