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Mgr. et Mgr. Viera Boumová

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Foreign language does not only offer different words to us, but a completely different world.
(Jan Vrba)


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Most Common Certified Translations

Personal Documents
Birth Certificates / Marriage Certificates / Certificate of Legal Capacity
Diplomas / Diploma Supplements

Legal Documents
Contract / Extracts from Registers / Certificates

Most Common Interpreted Events

Wedding / Meeting at a Notary

Useful Information

If the list contains someone's signature, do not be surprised if the expression "signature illegible"appears the translation. As a translator I am not authorized to verify whose signature it is, and I even must not reproduce it graphically. If the signature is certified in the document, this certification will be translated and the document will work as well as in the original language (which is why the document must be bound together with the translation).

Sometimes there is illegible or poorly photocopied text in the text of the document (usually a certified copy). In this case, this passage will not be translated, even if I saw the original, where this portion is legible. A certified translation must agree with the document which it is bound to, and therefore this part will be replaced by an expression "text unreadable". So please when taking notarized copies, check them well.

If the document contains text in different languages (e.g. an English document includes a of a German notary), it is necessary that the document is translated also by a translator authorized for the second language. You will then have the document bound to two translations, each for the relevant language, relevant clause and relevant round stamp.

If the document contains national emblems or other symbols, logos and other graphic symbols, these will be described in words in the translation, but not reproduced. It is so right.

Examples of Translations and Interpreting