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Mgr. et Mgr. Viera Boumová

English * Czech * Slovak

Foreign language does not only offer different words to us, but a completely different world.
(Jan Vrba)

Translation Services

Common TranslationCZK 300/SP*
Certified TranslationCZK 400/SP*
Copies of Certified TranslationsCZK 50/SP*
SuperlegalizationCZK 300
Notarized Copies for BindingCZK 100/page
Translation within 24 Hours – ExpressUp to 50% Plus


Consecutive Interpreting – private issues (e.g. Vital Records Office, other authorities, meetings of flat owners, etc.)CZK 1000/h*
Certified Consecutive Interpreting – wedding, business related issues or other commercial activities (e.g. at notary, lawyer, etc.)CZK 2500/4h*
Simultaneous InterpretingCZK 3000/4h*


Proofreading (not applicable to proofreading after computer translators, etc.)CZK 150/SP*
With a Very Small Number of ErrorsDiscount up to-CZK 50/SP